Aramark came with a real problem - how do we contact our customers through email, even though each person has a completely different set of products available to them? We also had to account for an eCommerce website that was mobile-averse and didn't have a consistent linking structure from facility to facility.

The solution was to use the product-level data for each customer to create a modular email template that would dynamically pull in product for each subscriber. With this approach, each email that Aramark sends can have billions of different permutations. Another bonus was the new template was built for mobile devices, allowing us to reach a higher percentage of their audience.


313% 42% 68%
increase in revenue increase in revenue per send increase in site traffic

This project won the AMA Award for Best Digital Strategy in 2015

I was recently invited to The Email Design Conference to give a talk about how this template was built, and the future of data integration in email.

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