Fred Meyer Jewelers wanted a Holiday campaign that would engage their social media audience and drive gifting sales on a budget. The FMJ commerce site is poorly optimized for mobile shopping, so the solution needed to help drive mobile customers straight to product pages.

The solution: a microsite dedicated to helping choose gifts for loved ones and friends. Built to look and function much like a Buzzfeed quiz, this site asked a handful of questions about the person, and returned a gift that they should purchase.

The promotion of the quiz included influencer outreach on Instagram, paid Facebook ads and a module added to their Holiday emails.


47% 13.5%
completion rate for the quiz higher conversion for mobile customers

BONUS: Look back at quiz results, we were able to pull tons of insights about who the FMJ customers were shopping for during the Holidays to help target their efforts in following years. ¾ were shopping for female gifts, and ⅔ were shopping for a significant other with an even distribution around price points.