I started my professional life in politics, working on some of the closest Congressional races in Utah history. I worked in fundraising and grassroots organizing (aka marketing). After those campaigns ended, I moved on to fundraising for non-profits.

That's where I really dove into marketing head-first. I did direct-mail, email, and was one of the first people to launch Facebook business pages at scale to support the organization I worked for.

After that, I had the dream job opportunity to go work for small, independent ski company where I was in charge of all marketing, PR, content creation and social media.

When my wife's job moved us to Portland in 2013, I started into the agency world where I spent five years creating digital strategies for companies like Nike, Aramark, Stumptown Coffee, Travel Portland and countless others. I even ran the consumer email program for HP.com for a short time.

When I say I've done it all, I literally mean it. Small companies, big companies, large budgets, no budgets. I've built programs from the ground up, come in to save sinking ships, and taken smoothly running programs to the next level. 

I'd love to help you solve your marketing and strategy problems >