Thought Leadership

I have had the great opportunity to speak at a variety of events about a ton of marketing-related topics. I think knowledge sharing is an important part of being a thought leader in strategy and digital marketing.


Death to display ads

Marketers will spend $129 billion dollars on display ads last year, and the dirty little secret is that most of the money is wasted. This presentations makes the business, brand and moral case against display ads. 

From terrible conversion rates, negative brand value and disturbing downstream effects, display ads are one of the worst channels in marketing.

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Hyper-Personalize Email using Modular Frameworks

Ever wondered how you can make emails customized for your end user without having to create hundreds of permutations on your own? We'll show you how to use your ESP and backend data processing to create an email program as personal to your subscriber as their Netflix queue.

The Art of the Brainstorm

How do you solve the problem of brainstorms? While they can be enlightening and build momentum, they can also bog down a team and create friction. 

In this talk we identify key weaknesses in brainstorming, and provide solutions and new techniques to help get the most out of your team.